The Lord of Peace - Ausdin Lemmons

This past school year I started teaching guitar and working with the worship ensemble at George Fox. A couple months back the worship ensemble put on a worship night and the emphasis was on the different names for God that we find in the Bible. As an exercise they had those different names printed out and during a reflection moment they encouraged everyone to go read through them and whichever one was connecting with you spend time praying and reflecting on that truth about who God says he is. 


One of the names that resonated with me, was Jehovah Shalom. This is a name of God we find from the Old Testament that means The Lord is Peace. I found that so true in my life that no matter the circumstances going on, I consistently have this Peace that surpasses all understanding. God walks with us through our highs and lows and brings us peace in the storms. 


I was reminded about this idea of God’s peace as some close friends of ours are going through quite a storm. The husband of this couple has been in the hospital the past 3 weeks dealing an array of health problems and is currently on a ventilator. His wife has been updating us on the situation and shares amongst the uncertainty and difficulty she has this Peace and continues to trust in God in it all. This was such a powerful testimony and inspiring to remember that God’s peace is always with us even when we don’t know what’s ahead.


 I want to encourage you no matter the season you’re in to recognize Jehovah Shalom is right there with you, God’s peace will be with you as we continue to become more aware of His presence working in our lives everyday.



Ausdin Lemmons 

Worship Director | Hope City Church