Hope City Kids

Hope City Kids is a caring community designed just for kids! All kids, birth through fifth grade, experience safe and fun environments where they can grow in relationship with friends, leaders, and God. The Bible is taught in creative and relevant ways so that your child can grasp and understand God’s word. Our desire is to partner with you as parents to be another voice in your child’s life so your child will know, love, and live their life for Jesus Christ.

During this season, church looks different. We want to provide your kids and your family with activities and resources for engaging with God and the Bible while at home.

Parents! We invite you into our candid Zoom call as we talk through how we’re in the midst of this time with you. Hope you can take a few moments and exhale with us. We love you and are here for you.

In-Home Church for your family: May 24

Watch the Bible Story Video

The worship and Bible story are available for your family by age group.


What You Need: Box or gift bag

Find a box or gift bag and gather your family together. Tell your child(ren) that you are going to surprise each other with some of your favorite things. Send your child off to get their favorite stuffed animal, toy, or item of clothing to put in the box to surprise you. When you open the box make it really fun and exciting.

Play several rounds, taking turns putting surprises in the box.

WHAT YOU SAY: I loved seeing so many of your favorite things! These would all make such great gifts! When God gave us Jesus He gave us the best gift because Jesus loves us so much!


What You Need: Paper, glue

Tell your child that you each are going to draw a picture of something you love (parents participate too!). Once you and your child have finished coloring your pictures, have your child glue the two pictures together (with the drawings on the outside). Let the glue dry and then show your child how just like these two papers can’t be separated, we can’t be separated from God’s love!

God is My Rock

Ask an adult to go outside with you and see if you can find a small rock. Paint the rock and write on it, “God is my rock.” Keep this rock in your pocket and the next time you are scared, hold it and remember that God is our rock so we don’t have to be afraid!

Thanks Jesus that you don’t have to be scared because He is on your side!

Pray for Others

All month long, you’ve prayed for determination for yourself. But you probably also know some other people who are struggling to keep going. Who do you know that is facing a hard journey—perhaps because of sickness, death, losing their job, or having to move? If you can’t think of anyone, just ask an adult—they’ll likely know of someone who you can pray for. Use the sample prayer below to ask God to help them to keep going even when they don’t know the end of the story.

“Dear God, please be with who is having a really hard time because of

. I imagine they are scared because

. It’s so hard when we don’t know how things will turn out. . . but we do believe that you know how things will turn out. You know the end of the story, and we can trust you no matter what. Please help

to remember that, and to keep going even when they’re scared. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.


Keep Going

Whenever someone is going through something scary, it means so much to know that other people are cheering you on. No matter how you choose to encourage your friend, be sure and continue to pray for them to keep going. Here are some ways to encourage the person you just prayed for:

• Make them a card. Consider including a Bible verse to encourage them, like Psalm 27:1
• Send them a text or email and just let them know you’re praying for them.
• Give them a call so they know you’re thinking of them.

• Bake them some cookies or drop off some flowers at their house.