Building my Life - Kristina Thom

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May 17, 2024

Yesterday I was trying to find a specific video on my phone and came across a series of videos taken by my son Shaun. He would have been 9 years old at the time. These videos would seem pretty normal to anyone that knows us; Jeremy and I were up on a stage rehearsing music and Sophiya, who was 8, was up there with us joining in on the singing. As I watched a few of the videos, I started to recall how very far from normal it all was. 

It was a season that held some of the biggest leaps of faith our family had ever taken, as well as some of the deepest pain we had ever felt. And there we were, singing Firm Foundation while wondering if any ground would be below us when we tried to take the next best step? Our circumstances were anything but a firm foundation. 

We had just been through a year of loved ones dying, we had stepped away from our church of 18 years and we were in the midst of an adoption process all while building the needed bedrooms for our growing family. As I watched those videos and recalled this incredibly difficult time, I felt such a gift of strength in my heart and soul as I currently take a next step of faith. 

Praise God that our lives do not rise and fall with the circumstances around us. When we build our lives on Jesus we can remain standing in the midst of the ruins. How incredible to look back and remember His faithfulness. When we remember to look back to see how He has shown up in the past, we can be strengthened to boldly seek Him in our present. No matter your circumstances, you can boldly seek Him right here and now as your Firm Foundation. You can worship Him in the wait for the winds to calm and the rain to cease. And with an anchor of hope you can declare, “He is the Rock on which I stand!” 

Kristina Thom
Worship Leader | Hope City Church