Yvonne's Faith - Russ Isom

Yvonne was a person with deep convictions. She was an excellent listener. She was generous with her time and resources. You could have a candid conversation with her even if she did not agree with your point of view. She respected others while showing grace and kindness. A strong desire to guide and protect her family was ever present. She worked hard and she loved hard! She supported her husband and all her children in each of their endeavors.

Yvonne was a Jesus follower and God’s Word was lived out in her life. She prayed daily for her family: “Lord, help each one remain faithful to you!” She prayed for all her children, their spouses, and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yvonne knew she made mistakes as we all do, but she continued trusting Jesus while seeking to love and forgive like him.

Yvonne was my mother! She was a wonderful person who introduced me to Jesus and his ways. She was a powerful influence in my life. As great as she was, Mom could not be my savior, but she pointed me to the Savior.

Jesus likened himself to a mother in Matthew 23:37 “How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings.” This touching imagery suggests a mother hen desiring to embrace her vulnerable chicks under the protective shelter of her wings to nurture, guide, and defend. As a teenager, I recall hearing the mother hen sound an alarm in our barnyard and seeing all her little chicks scurry quickly to gather under her protection. She had sensed potential danger (a hawk in a tree or a cat lurking in the bushes). Her chicks stayed under her wings until the hen felt it was safe for them to come out again.

Jesus invites us to run to him when we sense danger in our lives. Just like the hen, he does not force us to come. We can choose to ignore the invitation. When the chick ignores the hen’s invitation in times of danger, there is the chance the chick will not survive. Even when we ignore Jesus’ invitation, he keeps inviting us to come to him: “Come to me if you are weary and burdened down and I will give you rest!” Matthew 11:28. Instead of trying to fight the battle alone, Jesus invites us to come to him so he can nurture, guide, and protect us. There are some days when I need to stop and remember this truth. Take a time out and crawl into the lap of my Savior. Feel his arms around me as he whispers in my ear how much he loves me. Thank you, Jesus!


Russ Isom
Care Pastor | Hope City Church