The Beauty of the Present - Ausdin Lemmons

Spring is here, and it’s in full bloom! One of my favorite things about living in the Northwest is experiencing all four seasons. This week, Megan and I visited the Portland Japanese Garden for the first time to check out the cherry blossoms. While I love the beauty of Spring it always drives me towards thinking about how great summer will be! Warmer weather, longer days, BBQ’s and hang outs - I can’t wait for summer to be here.

For me, summer holds special excitement because Megan and I are expecting our first child. I can’t wait to meet our son, and I often find myself eagerly anticipating his arrival. However, I know there’s beauty in this process even now, as God is preparing me for what’s next.

Often, when I enter a new season in life, I can see where it’s heading and get really focused on what that next season will bring. But if I’m only thinking about what’s ahead, I can completely miss what’s around me right now. As exciting as summer is, if I am not present and aware of what’s going on, I completely miss the beauty of this moment, the beauty of transition. Perhaps you’re in the same place of anticipation for what is next, knowing the path God has you on and eagerly awaiting the destination, but let’s not forget – there’s so much to appreciate in the moment you’re in. Whether you’re in school, at a mundane job, in transition, or whatever stage of life you’re in, taking time to pause and be present is crucial.

Scripture shows us a God who is present and calls us to be as well. We see examples of this in Jesus he doesn’t seem eager to fast forward to the next moment but so frequently takes time to be present with who he is with, and takes time to step away and be present with God.

Can you take a moment today to be present with the people, places, and opportunities that God has placed in front of you? It’s so easy to look ahead to the next season, but there is so much beauty in your present season. Take time this week to be present with His presence as we journey following Him.

Ausdin Lemmons
Worship Pastor | Hope City Church