Ministry Update - The Hobson's

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We are called to provide a comforting and caring place of refuge, where through hospitality, training, and counseling, God's global workers and their families can journey together with Jesus to find rest and renewal.

Over the last three decades, studies on ministry attrition have concluded that the number of Christian workers leaving their ministries has been higher than the number of new workers being sent out. It is alarming to see ever increasing incidences of burnout, moral failure, divorce, team conflicts, addiction, mental distress and even suicide among them.

Lado a Lado (meaning“side by side” in Portuguese) is an interdenominational, inter-organizational member care ministry located in Portugal. This ministry cares for Christian workers serving throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. We utilize a community model that invites Christian workers to rest, connect with God, and grow in personal resilience and ministry effectiveness.

Our primary goals are to increase and normalize self-care and prevention, increase availability and utilization of member care resources among workers and organizations, and decrease ministry attrition. We do this by providing hospitality within a peaceful and caring environment, as well as direct care such as debriefing, counseling, coaching, training, wellness services, and recreation.

Learn more about the Hobson's Ministry, and ways to partner with them, through their website HERE.

The Hobson's
The Hobson's are one of our ministry partners. They are currently serving in Portugal. Learn more about them and the work they are doing to support Christians in ministry in other countries through their website.