God Has Come Near - Daniel Knutson

Merry Christmas Hope City! Well, almost!

Tomorrow, we begin the official celebration of Christmas Eve on our campus and we are eagerly anticipating seeing you at one of our three Christmas services this weekend. I have no doubt that your weekend will be filled with Christmas traditions with your loved ones. You will likely recall memories of past Christmases, both good and bad.

Many of us will dive headlong into the busyness of the holiday. Last minute shopping. Packing the car with kids, food, and gifts. We will eat, laugh, and cry. We will rip open gifts we were anticipating, and open gifts that will confuse us more than excite us. We will gather for church and for meals, with both celebration and sadness. We will surely experience the gambit of emotions this weekend.

No matter how we come into this weekend, all have been invited to come into the presence of a God who loves, a God who perseveres, a God who has overcome, and a God who has come near.

Not only did God come near through sending Jesus, but Hebrews says:

“For the joy set before him, he [Jesus endured the cross…”

We often focus so distinctly on the birth of Christ this time of year, that we forget His death on the cross, and his resurrection. These events are what makes His birth significant! And we find hope, healing, and wholeness in the resurrected Jesus!

On this side of the cross, Jesus’ birth takes on another level of significance. As you celebrate with family and friends, take a moment together to reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. And as you reflect, grab hold of the joy that can be found through trusting in Him.

Merry Christmas Hope City!

Daniel Knutson
Lead Pastor | Hope City Church