Small Acts of Love - Chris Yarco

Hebrews 13:16 (Message): "Don't ever underestimate the value of what you have, and don't grow complacent in contributing to the greater good. Share generously with others, for God finds joy in unconventional acts of worship—those that unfold in the kitchen, workplace, and on the streets."

In the grand tapestry of life, each thread of kindness and shared blessings weaves a story that transcends the ordinary. As we embark on this journey of community prayer and connection, I am struck by the profound power inherent in the smallest acts of love.

Initially, the idea to walk and pray around our Hope City building seemed noteworthy but perhaps not all-encompassing. Yet, as the weeks unfolded, and the vision for our united purpose crystallized, I found myself deeply moved, convicted, and genuinely inspired.

There's an expectancy in the air, a sense that our collective effort is not merely a community-building endeavor but a transformative force destined to touch every corner of our neighborhoods. When we stretch beyond our comfort zones, praying for those we've yet to meet, we engage in a worship that resonates with the very heart of God.

It's easy to keep people at arm's length, to let the needs and pains of others remain distant and unknown. However, when our prayers bridge the gap between strangers, God takes delight in this profound worship. Through our invested time, heartfelt prayers, and genuine love for our neighbors, we become instruments of divine connection.

As we step into this new season, I am convinced that divine intersections await—moments where strangers evolve into cherished friends and the hurting find solace in seeking God. We, the church, have the privilege of being a sanctuary for those in pain, a place where love and compassion meet every hurt.

I am not only inspired by each of you but moved to action. My husband, Gary, and I are extending our prayers to cover our own neighborhood in Oregon City, joining this grid of collective hope and faith.

May you never grow weary in doing good for your communities, for so much depends on it. Blessings abound in this season as you purposefully and passionately pray for the transformation of your neighborhoods.

Chris Yarco
Lead Executive