In the Midst of Interruption - Daniel Knutson

When you learn of tragedy striking far away, it can be incredibly easy for us to breeze past it and just keep moving. Afterall, the pain and strife is “over there”. When I learned of the attack on Israel, I almost did just that. And then, I learned that someone close to me, has someone close to them, “over there”. And I had to intentionally stop. I had to pause. Because not only had I breezed past this ongoing event the night before, but it was Sunday morning before service and there was a lot I was thinking about and preparing for. But this person I cared about was experiencing deep emotions for someone he cared about, and I needed to pause and sit with him.

I’ll be the first to admit that pausing in the middle of the chaos is difficult for me. And I don’t even know that I did this well on this particular occasion. But the interruptions of life can be some of the most distracting moments, and some of the most sacred ones.

I am writing this after attending Men’s Community (Thursday morning) where one of our men shared from Philippians 2. This is the same passage Aline taught from this last Sunday. It’s a passage that paints a beautiful picture of the humility of Christ on the cross, and a passage that challenges Jesus' followers to live from the same humility. And the discussion around our table this morning revolved around what it looks like to serve as Christ has served us. And there was a word that we got stuck on… “inconvenience”.

Serving others, loving others, sitting with others…these opportunities often present themselves in the middle of our busy schedules. They certainly presented themselves in the middle of Jesus’ busy schedule. In fact when you read the gospels, you’ll find that almost every major moment of ministry that Jesus does is the result of an inconvenient interruption. Some of the most sacred moments are made possible by a person interrupting Jesus.

Perhaps, the “interruptions” in our lives are moments to minister to others as well. Moments to encourage someone through their trial. Moments to pray for someone who is walking through hopelessness. Moments to provide a meal, help with a project, or lend an ear to simply listen.

We all have important work we are in the midst of doing every day. And yet, some of the most important work we do will never make it onto our calendar, because we can’t plan it. Ministry happens in the midst of interruption. Will we pause long enough, and “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:3-4

Let the interruptions in your life turn into opportunities, rather than inconveniences. God is doing His work in you, and invites you to allow Him to also work through you.

Be praying for those affected by the attack in Israel. Pray for all of those who are experiencing pain and suffering all across the globe, both locally and abroad. We live in a broken world, but God has given us access to Him through prayer, and our prayers are a powerful force against the evil in the world.

Daniel Knutson
Lead Pastor | Hope City Church