A note from Brandy Knutson

Simply Jesus is the series we’ve been going through, and I have been loving every minute of it. This series was designed to answer the question, “Who is God?” The answer to that question is found in the life and ministry of Jesus. Throughout this series we’ve looked at statements Jesus makes about himself. These statements reveal: who Jesus is, the kind of relationship He wants to have with us, and what He wants to do through us. Through these statements, Jesus tells us not only who He is, but who He is not.

Since the beginning God has been engaged in the ongoing work of revealing Himself to us and bringing us back into relationship with Himself. Here’s a recap of what we’ve covered in this series so far - if you’ve missed it, I would highly recommend listening to the podcast or watching the video messages to catch up:

I am NOT seeking glory for myself - John 8:48-59
I AM the light of the world - John 8:1-12
I AM the vine - John 15:5
I am NOT of this world - John 8:21-30 (Good Friday Message)
I AM the resurrection and the life - John 11:25-26
I am NOT alone - John 8:12-18
I AM the bread of life - John 6:35 & Matthew 14:13-21

We still have 2 more weeks left in the series, but I want to encourage you to go back this weekend and read these verses as a reminder of who Jesus is and is not. This can help us know Him better, trust Him deeper, follow Him more faithfully, and lean into Him without hesitation when things get hard.

Brandy Knutson
Communications | Hope City Church