A Prayer by Aimee Owings for Hope City

God thank you for being so holy and different than this world.
When we experience the greed, unjust, busy, overwhelming moments, or darkness - remind us that you are faithful, generous love, just, full of peace - you are light.
In moments of quiet and waiting, if we feel lost or numb, remind us to be found in you.
That you are in control going before us to prepare the way to your promises.
Lord, Help us not fall asleep to what you’re doing here - that we might stay aware of where you are leading us.
Help our church be in tune with the spirit - that we might be confident in our steps.
Help us on hold onto your truths and let go of the reigns - that we can give the away control to something greater than ourselves.
Your will be done here, in me, in us - we love you…Amen