A note from Daniel Knutson

Matthew 5:5
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Last Sunday, Jeremy did a fantastic job helping us explore what it means to be meek, not weak. Some of you might wonder how I know that since I was gone Sunday. Well, I listened to the podcast! You can subscribe to it here, in case you miss a Sunday and you want to stay connected.

Jeremy pointed out that meekness is not weakness, and he used the picture of Jesus being both a lion and a lamb. This is such a great picture for us to remember. We see Jesus engage with people who look nothing like Him, with the gentleness of a lamb. And we see Jesus engage unjust, power-hungry leaders with the intensity of a lion. And Jesus is displaying meekness in both circumstances. He is exercising His power, with restraint. It’s caused me to think about what that looks like in my life.

Living meekly requires incredible courage. The courage of a lion. Courage to stand up to injustices. Courage to act on behalf of someone else. It takes courage to say less instead of more. Notice Jesus is described as a lion, not a bull. He doesn’t display senseless courage, but intentional courage. Not courage that causes destruction, but courage that makes a constructive difference.

Meekness also requires the trust of a lamb. Trust in the shepherd’s wisdom and protection. Trust in God over self. Trust that the truth will actually win in the end, and that truth doesn’t need us to come to its defense. Truth, continuing to be true, isn’t dependent on you or me defending it. Truth isn’t that fragile. The truth actually does better defending itself. And when we realize that and we trust the truth, we are more easily inclined to let the Holy Spirit do His incredible work in our hearts and the hearts of those around us.

Jesus on the cross is perhaps the meekest moment in His life. The Messiah, filled with the full and complete power of the living God, has the courage to carry the sins of the world, and the gentleness to care for the very people who hung Him there. We see the lion of Judah conquering the penalty of sin, and the Lamb of God trusting the truth of His Father in Heaven.

Jeremy said on Sunday, that the meek ask for it. So this week, ask God to help you live meekly. Ask where you need to grow in courage, and where you need to increase your trust in Jesus. For the meek shall inherit the Earth!

Daniel Knutson
Lead Pastor | Hope City Church