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We are here for you. Our desire is to help guide you as you consider growing your family through adoption. Whether you are just beginning to explore possibilities or you are ready to take your next step, we want to connect with you. Email our AFC Lead, Tenisha Howland.

The financial burden of adoption can often be a roadblock for a family who is called to adopt. As a church, we are privileged and blessed to give financially towards our adoptive families, and want to help remove roadblocks that stand in the way of providing a forever home for a waiting child. If you are in the adoption process we encourage you to consider applying for a grant, or matching grant, through Lifesong.

Lifesong is a 501(c)3 organization that comes alongside the church, helping to fund and facilitate Christian family adoptions. In partnership with Lifesong, we desire to grow and support the number of families choosing to adopt children both locally and internationally.

Lifesong will provide the following for our families who have been called to adopt:

  • Application review
  • Financial consultation with adoptive families as well as a recommendation to the church for matching grants
  • Housing of family support fund
  • Disbursement of payment to appropriate entities
  • Support raising kit

To get started, request an application from our core team by emailing

Listed below are some reputable post-adoption resources specializing in connection, bonding and attachment:

Christian Alliance for Orphans
A Christian ministry organization with resources to ignite and equip Christians to reflect God’s heart for orphans in adoption, foster care, and global initiatives.

Empowered To Connect
An online library of articles, audio and video covering a wide variety of topics for adoptive and foster parents. Great post placement/adoption support and resources.

Northwest Adoption Exchange
Meet waiting children available for adoption from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska.

Books for Adults

Books for Children

There are many agencies to consider when starting your adoption journey. Here are a few to consider. We encourage you to research which one is right for you.

All God’s Children International
All God’s Children International (AGCI) is an orphan care ministry answering God’s call to provide the love and care that every child deserves. AGCI was founded in 1991 as a 501(c) non-profit by the Beazely family and is dedicated to changing lives for vulnerable children and families through proven initiatives that get to the heart of the orphan crisis. Our vision is to empower local leaders to intervene for the 8 million children living in institutions and create more paths to family and independence. Throughout our decades of service, we have always remained committed to finding families for children, not children for families.

Bethany Christian Services
Offers international and domestic adoption. Private, licensed, non-profit adoption and family service agency, serving 30 states from over 70 locations and in 13 international countries. Bethany Christian has a local Portland Office.

Boys and Girls Aid
For 127 years, Boys and Girls Aid has been helping Oregon’s children. They find children permanent homes through adoption and provide temporary safe places to stay through shelters and foster home placements.

Choice Adoptions
Choice Adoptions is a faith-based non-profit Christian agency committed to influencing the world for Christ, one needy child at a time through God’s model of adoption. It is a full service adoption agency licensed in Oregon and Washington and staffed with qualified social workers meeting state requirements for all phases of adoption work. In addition to providing home study services for international and private infant adoptions, they also work with adoptions of state foster children into qualified homes.

Holt International Children’s Services
Holt International is a Christian organization committed to expressing God’s compassion for children through international adoption. Moved by faith and a firm belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955. Holt is located in Eugene, Oregon.

Oregon Foster Care
There are hundreds of children needing safe and loving homes in the State of Oregon. Some of those children need temporary placements, while others are in need of a permanent home. There are no fees for adopting a child from Oregon foster care when you choose the Oregon Department of Human Services as your agency, and there are a variety of support systems in place (training, financial, groups) to help with the adoption process.

Foster Care Resources

We desire to walk through the process of becoming a foster parent with anyone who is interested in taking next steps. We partner extensively with Embrace Oregon. This organization provides an additional level of support to our fostering families as they move through the certification process with DHS.

Clackamas County DHS provides free year-round training to become a certified foster parent. These sessions are 8 weeks long, 3 hours each week. For dates of classes, contact the North Clackamas Office at 503-731-3400 or the Oregon City Office 971-673-7200. Ask how you can sign up for the Foundations Training.

Oregon Department of Human Services
The Oregon Department of Human Services web site offers an overview of how to become a foster parent in the state of Oregon. This site includes basic information about foster parent requirements and how to begin the foster care certification process.

Embrace Oregon
Embrace Oregon is a non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to supporting Oregon foster children and the Oregon Department of Human Services. Their site provides information about how to become a foster parent as well as inspiring stories from current Oregon foster families.

National Foster Parent Association
The National Foster Parent Association is dedicated to supporting foster, adoptive, and kinship parents nationally. The NFPA site includes information, resources for foster families, and ways to connect with other foster parents.

Addicts’ Kids
A resource for grandparents raising grandchildren of alcoholics and drug users. Find resources like; Trauma-informed parenting, creating boundaries, and Financial Help for Grandparents Raising Grandkids.

With Love, Oregon
With Love, provides foster children 0-5 years old with quality clothing, gear, and amenities delivered to your door.

Foster Parent Night Out (FPNO)
Foster Parent Night Out (FPNO) is a ministry of Every Child, providing foster parents with a consistent source of respite on one Saturday evening a month, throughout the school year. We strive to care for your foster, adoptive, and biological children in a safe, loving, and fun environment while you get a much-needed break. If you would like to participate in FPNO please contact your DHS certifier and ask to be referred to a Foster Parent Night Out program in your community.

Embrace Oregon
Embrace Oregon is a local non-profit serving families in the tri-county area. Their focus is to partner the community with local DHS offices. We as a church community partner with EO as part of our support to the Oregon City DHS office. If you are contemplating fostering we encourage you to first connect with Embrace Oregon by clicking here.

Project Lemonade
Project Lemonade provides foster youth with a back-to-school shopping experience and offers support to inspire self-esteem and promote success.

Take Action

Find out how you can support adoptive and foster families, from volunteering to donating.

Theology of Adoption & Foster Care

Learn more about the theology behind what we do, and the current state of adoption and foster care.