Guide people to think differently about community & witness God’s grace in profound ways.

Rooted leaders are Christ followers who respect the power of questions over the need for answers. Rooted leaders exemplify the love of Christ in the way they speak, listen, and live. They demonstrate courageous vulnerability as they share with the group, intentionally building a safe and welcoming environment for others to share their own stories. It is by the leader that Rooted groups grow or wither, as it is the responsibility of the Rooted leader to create an arena where connection and spiritual growth can occur.

This Story is bigger than you or me.

To know Jesus is a privilege. To follow him is an honor. To serve him is a gift. As a Rooted Leader, you will witness the crumbling of strongholds, the beauty of prayer, and the joy of empowering others. You get a front row seat to something remarkable – seeing God transform lives through a 10 week journey. We believe God radically uses Rooted leaders to help people experience Jesus in profound ways.

A worthwhile commitment.

Rooted Leaders are expected to be at every Rooted Gathering prepared and prayed up. Additionally, we expect Rooted Leaders to attend a 3-hour pre-Rooted training session, as well as “Just-in-time” training, which occurs an hour before each weekly Rooted Gathering. Leaders will work with the Rooted Coordinator in committing to a group Service opportunity, and getting this experience on the calendars of each of his/her group members. Rooted Leaders are expected to be at the celebration (where we feed you great food!) and to encourage all in their group to attend.

Leading with love, transparency, and discernment.

We’re going to be honest with you, we expect a lot out of our Rooted Leaders. We ask not only for your time and commitment, but also for strength of character, humility, and a lot of honesty. Our Rooted Leaders do not need to be perfect, to teach or instruct. Instead, our Rooted Leaders guide, facilitate, and relate. They cultivate spaces for transparency, and to do that, must lead in being the first one to demonstrate transparency. That said, we believe everyone is a leader, and Rooted needs people willing to step out in faith, and into this place of leadership. So who is a Rooted Leader? People just like you.