Hope City Kids

Hope City Kids is a caring community designed just for kids! All kids, birth through fifth grade, experience safe and fun environments where they can grow in relationship with friends, leaders, and God. The Bible is taught in creative and relevant ways so that your child can grasp and understand God’s word. Our desire is to partner with you as parents to be another voice in your child’s life so your child will know, love, and live their life for Jesus Christ.

During this season, church looks different. We want to provide your kids and your family with activities and resources for engaging with God and the Bible while at home.

In-Home Church for your family: July 12th

Watch the July 12th Preschool Video

Worship and Story for Kinder and Under

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2007 Theme Wide Screen

Watch the July 12th Elementary Video

Worship and Story for 1st-5th Grade

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2007 Widescreen Kids Theme