Ash Wednesday

Date & Time
Feb 14, 2024
New Hope Church (Prayer Room): 10603 SE HENDERSON ST. PORTLAND, OR 97266
Ash Wed event
Event Description

"For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return." -Genesis 3:19

Followers of Jesus have observed the season of Lent since the 4th century. Through prayer, fasting, and charity, Lent is an invitation to return to our most basic and enduring identity as Beloved of God.

In the scriptures, ashes are symbols of repentance. To repent means to turn and go as Ashes for Ash Wednesday in a different direction. On Ash Wednesday, we turn from the dead-end ways we strive for power, worth, security, and success and return to our identity as Beloved of God. We contemplate and embrace the gift of our finite time on this earth, how we are from dust to dust.

New Hope's Prayer Room will be hosting a contemplative time of reflection and receiving of ashes on Ash Wednesday, February 14; this is an open house format. Please attend between these provided times: 8-10 AM, 12-2 PM, or 5-8 PM.

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New Hope Office