When is the Egg Drop?

Saturday, April 13th at Brentwood Park. 10am-12pm. Click here for directions.

Do we have to pre-register? Can we just show up?

You must pre-register. There will be no on-site registration at the event.

I noticed a fee and/or donation. Where is my money going?

We started this Egg Drop 7 years ago to be a blessing and benefit to the families of the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood where the Egg Drop is located. 100% of the fees and/or donations will go directly to the Brentwood Darlington Neighborhood Association (BDNA), as they continue to find creative ways to make their community great.  By attending the Egg Drop you are helping make this community shine!

What if it rains?

It’s Portland! Wear a hoodie! The Show Must Go On! We will have the event regardless of rainfall.

Will there really be a helicopter dropping eggs?

Yes!  A full-size helicopter, compliant with all laws and permits, will drop thousands of eggs onto the open field area of Brentwood Park, in a safe area, away from all children and adults.  After the eggs are dropped, the kids, in age-appropriate zones, will be allowed to gather them up and redeem them for candy at our Candy Stations.

I have very young children. Will they get overwhelmed by the older kids?

We have split the Easter Egg hunt into four age-appropriate zones:  ages 1-2, 3-4, 5-7, and 8-11.  Each age group will be separated from the other age groups.  The 1-2-year-olds will be in a separate zone where the fencing will provide maximum protection and safety.

Will candy actually be inside the eggs?

No.  To ensure that all children get plenty of candy, children will take their gathered eggs and redeem them at “Candy Stations.”  Only children who are registered and have armbands will be able to exchange eggs for candy.

Will parents or guardians be allowed to gather eggs with their children?

Only one parent in the 1-2 age zone will be allowed to go with their children. The other age groups will hunt for their eggs with authorized and safe “Code Orange” volunteers.  Parents will be able to watch their kids and encourage them from the boundary lines, just a few feet from the actual egg hunt field.  This ensures that over-zealous parents don’t ruin the event for other children.  If you have a child with special-needs, please check with a volunteer for assistance.

I have children in different age zones.  How can I watch them at the same time if there are different zones for different age groups?

We are staggering the hunt times.  This provides ultimate safety and ensures a parent can give full attention to their children in each age-specific zone.

Where will we park?

We encourage people to walk to the park if at all possible.  There is parking available all along SE 60th and SE 62nd.  We love our Brentwood Neighborhood neighbors – please be considerate in how and where you park on side streets.

I wasn’t able to pre-register. What should we do?

We simply cannot allow on-site registrations.  Check out for other great options.

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