Egg Drop Early-Registration Day

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Egg Drop Sunday FAQs

Is this the actual Egg Drop?

No! The Egg Drop is on Saturday, April 13th 2109. “Egg Drop Sunday” is the day where everyone who attends Hope City gets pre-registered for free.

Is “Egg Drop Sunday” an actual church service?

Yes!  Hope City is known for being casual, upbeat, and engaging. There will be balloons for the kids and a festive environment.  If you haven’t been to church in a long time (or ever!) we think you’ll love it here.  For more about what our Sunday services are like click here.

Can we attend either the 9am or 10:45am service?

Yes! Pick the service time that you prefer!  We highly suggest arriving 15 minutes before the service begins.

Will they get their registration bracelets on Egg Drop Sunday?

Yes! You won’t have to stand in any registration check-in line at the Egg Drop because your children will receive their bracelets as they leave their classrooms at the end of service on Egg Drop Sunday.

Can’t we just wait and register online?

Yes! But we usually sell out within hours. “Egg Drop Sunday” is a way to ensure your kids get in before we sell out.

When does general registration open online?

General registration opens online on Monday, March 11th.

If we register online will we still have to check-in for bracelets on April 13th?

Yes. Every child needs a bracelet to prove they have registered and have filled out our forms.

Learn more about the Code Orange Egg Drop here!

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